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Boiler Servicing

Unlike other household equipment, research shows that boilers tend to be most overlooked when it comes to servicing them annually.

As part of our boiler servicing solutions to customers we offer the following actions on every service undertaken;

  • Examine all parts and controls
  • Assess the boiler for any damage and scale 

  • Extensively clean the boiler to improve its efficiency

  • Check system for leaks and any problems. 

Landlord Gas Inspections

If you are a landlord and have gas appliances in the property that you rent, you have a legal requirement to make sure these appliances are safe and do not present a risk to your tenants.  

J P & G Services also specialises in providing Landlord gas inspections. If gas appliances become defective or leak this can lead to carbon monoxide poisoning, which can be fatal.

As part of our heating and plumbing service we specialise in providing quick, safe efficient inspections of gas appliances in rental properties. Our inspections can be arranged for a time and date that is convenient for you or your tenant. 

 We work directly with agents and individual landlords.  We can keep track of your properties and arrange your annual schedule that is convenient for you and your tenants.

We check all appliances, flues and pipe-work and provide Gas Safe Certificate.

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